Management Building

Management Building

In carrying out its business, PT Sinergi Properti Pratama applies the standards of international asset management, by considering and optimizing various priorities for asset utilization and maintenance for both short-term performance and long-term sustainability, and between capital investment and operating costs, risks and performance.

PT. Sinergi Properti Pratama serves the operation and maintenance services of Utility equipment by experts and has undergone a certification process in each of its fields.

The services related to Operation and Maintenance that we provide include:

  • Operation and Maintenance of Generators
  • Operation and Maintenance of Compressor / Vacuum
  • Operation / Maintenance of Elevator / Escalator
  • Operation and HVAC Care
  • Operation and Maintenance of BAS
  • Operation and Maintenance of Fire Alarm System
  • Operation and Treatment of Water Treatment
  • Operation and Maintenance of STP / WWTP / WTP
  • Etc

Maintenance & Engineering

In supporting the building operational needs, maintenance and supervision of all utility, mechanical & electrical equipment of the building need to be carried out so that all building equipment is functioning properly and the building operation is not disrupted. PT. SPP has skilled and experienced technicians to ensure all mechanical & electrical equipment is well maintained and functioning as it should. Proper and proper equipment maintenance can prolong the life of equipment usage and will reduce building operating costs.

House Keeping

Housekeeping or commonly called Cleaning Services is a building cleaning service carried out by trained personnel using cleaning equipment & materials in accordance with building specifications. PT. SPP provides cleaning services with trained employees and special cleaning equipment that can be tailored to the needs. Strict monitoring is carried out periodically to ensure all cleaners carry out their duties properly and in accordance with existing SOPs.