Pratama polyclinic

Pratama polyclinic

Along with the development of the health industry and to meet the needs of optimal health services for employees and retirees of PT PLN (Persero), as a subsidiary of PT PLN (Persero) Pension Funds engaged in health services, Pratama Sinergi Lisna Medika Clinic, will continue to develop industrial businesses health services.

We always strive to provide plenary health services that are promotive, preventive, curative and rehabilitative for workers, families and retirees of PT PLN (Persero).

With our vision, to be a leading and trusted healthcare business corporation that has sustainable competitive advantage, we always uphold patient safety and customer satisfaction through PRIMA (Professional, Friendly, Sincere, Quality & Enthusiastic) services provided by experienced, reliable and trusted medical, nursing, medical & non-medical support.

Supported by system, culture and organization that is focused on customers, including accreditation, ISO will increasingly actualize better service guarantees to customers as our main stakeholders and make the best service and stay one step ahead of customer needs that continue to grow. Besides that, through excellent service efforts, Pratama Sinergi Lisna Medika Clinic is growing and developing.

We are committed to providing the best service for all our patients, by promoting sincerity in providing all services, and at an affordable cost.

Shuttle Car

Now, Klinik Pratama Sinergi Lisna Medika 01 (SLM 01 Cawang) has provided a Shuttle Car facility.

This shuttle car functions as a shuttle for those who want to go to the clinic but do not bring a vehicle

Where are the routes?

We can serve the shuttle route at the PLN Gitet Cawang Gate and The Back Gate of the Cawang PLN Complex.

How do I get service?

Please call our Hotline listed below, and we will pick you up according to the route listed above.

SLM Clinic Hotline 01: